Dawn steels herself to go to Jase’s funeral, with Garry and Minty for support. Jay is furious when he sees her at the service. Billy reads the eulogy when Jay breaks down, and when Dawn tries to say a few words, Jay accuses her of killing Jase and she runs out crying. Dawn decides to leave Walford for good, but a besotted Garry begs her to stay, lying to her that he’s just trying to be her friend.

Archie buys Suzy an expensive necklace and Suzy turns it down, but is happy to accept a mink coat! Danielle confesses to Ronnie that she saw Archie and Suzy flirting and Ronnie confronts Archie and tries to blackmail him to leave Walford. Peggy interrupts and tells Ronnie she won’t split them up. Archie menacingly tells Danielle that he knows she grassed him up and she owes him a favour. Meanwhile, Peggy tells Pat that she might have been right about Archie…

Bianca is grateful when Tony offers to take Whitney to the psychiatrist. But the pair never make it as Tony prevents her from attending the appointment and he threatens her to make her ‘behave’.

Also, Christian has spent the night with Lee; Bradley buys Dot a pristine car and an MP3 player.

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