Will Dean Wicks be found guilty?

Shirley, Linda, Roxy and Ronnie are nervous as the verdict in Dean Wicks' trial is announced in EastEnders...

It’s the day of the verdict in Dean’s trial and Ronnie, Roxy, Linda and Shirley wait together in the Vic flat as the jury deliberate. Discussing all that happened with Dean, the ladies open up about their feelings. Offering each other support, they agree when Ronnie insists that Dean is the only person at fault. When the police finally ring Roxy to give her the verdict, they hold back on answering the call.

Buster confides in Kathy about his problems with Shirley, admitting that he thinks Shirley blames him for what happened with Dean. As Kathy opens up about her own rape years before, Buster is given food for thought. Heading to the court for the verdict, Buster returns to the Square with a heavy heart, telling Mick and the ladies that Dean was found not guilty.

Shirley is stunned when Buster reveals he paid off Dean to leave the country and never come back. Conflicted, both by her feelings as a mother who will never see her son again and her horror at what Dean had done, Shirley is comforted by Linda. While Ronnie comforts an upset Roxy, Buster, hurt by Shirley’s harsh words, heads over to Kathy’s and kisses her.