Will Debbie and Jasmine give themselves up?

Laurel tries to encourage Jasmine to tell the police the truth, but she realises that Jasmine is under Debbie‘s spell and Jasmine confesses that she and Debbie are an item again. Laurel argues that Jasmine should tell the truth and save an innocent man and Jasmine finally, wearily, agrees.

Zak takes Eli on a poaching trip to the lake but they are interrupted by Mark. Eli nearly thumps Mark and Zak realises that something is really wrong. Back at the cottage, Eli falters under questioning and Zak realises that he had something to do with Shane’s death. They’re interrupted by the police, who claim that they have forensic evidence from the Dingles van and Eli is arrested for murder. Debbie tells Jasmine that she loves her and they’ve no option but to do a runner.

Paul schemes to spend time with Rodney, but Rodney avoids him and Paul asks his father why he won’t confide in him. Rodney is confused by Paul’s questioning and Paul feels like he can’t get through to his dad and shares his concerns over Rodney’s health with Diane and Nicola. Pollard overhears them and wrongly assumes that they are speculating about his own health and worries that he may be ill!

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