Will Debbie go down for murder?

*One-hour episode*

Debbie is due in court, while Sandy secretly meets with Jasmine. Sandy gives Jasmine Natasha’s Explorers donation so she can go on the run. Jasmine gets on a bus, not realising that Danielle is also on there. Jasmine thinks her time’s up when the bus is raided, but they are there to capture Danielle. Meanwhile, Hawkins tries to convince Debbie to plead manslaughter in the hope of securing a shorter sentence. Debbie faces the court, but Jasmine makes a surprise appearance after an attack of conscience and confesses to the crime.

Nicola tells Katie that Mark and Natasha are both after her and an amused Katie plays up to it and makes Nicola even more insecure. Nicola invites Click here to watch whatsontv.co.uk’s new weekly soaps video preview, the Soap Scoop

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