Yesterday Michael was engaged to another woman and due to wed her in a week. Now he’s back in Emmerdale telling Debbie she’s the one that he wants and he’s got jewellery to prove it. Debbie’s not impressed, though and slaps his face. You’d think he’d have had enough of Dingles hitting him but, instead, Michael declares his love for Debbie. That’s not the response she was expecting but she’s willing to listen to him – if he calls off his wedding. If he gets married she wants nothing more to do with him. Who will Michael choose?

Elsewhere in the Dingle world, Zak and Shadrach are scamming Nikhil. Will the young businessman smell a rat? If he does, Lisa could find herself looking for a new job – again!

Leyla, meanwhile, is used to earning her money the honest way. Trouble is, she can’t make enough of it to live the way she would like to. She’s due to attend a council function with David and is desperate to dress up for the occasion. She’s seen a pair of shoes she likes but she can’t afford them. Just how far will she go to be able to walk off with them?

Second episode, 8pm

Michael drives Debbie mad when he says one thing and does another… He wants Debbie but he can’t just walk out on his fiancée because, he says, she has a young son who looks upon him as a father. That stops Debbie in her tracks. She can’t ask him to choose and, heartbroken, she makes the choice for him by walking away. At home she tells a stunned Cain everything. He hates Michael for what he’s put his daughter through and tells her she’s done the right thing. Debbie thinks she has, too – then Michael turns up and says he’s chosen her! Debbie’s over the moon but Cain doesn’t have stars in his eyes. Is Michael going to let Debbie down?

Elsewhere in the village, the on-off Katie and Ryan romance is finally on! They have a date in The Woolpack that quickly moves to the sofa in Victoria Cottage. And Ryan is still there for breakfast the next morning!

At Holdgate, Jai has returned to find the Dingles running rings around Nikhil with their rat scam. Jai shows his brother the error of his ways and sends the Dingles packing. Does this mean Lisa will be looking for another job?