Will Declan leave Erinsborough?

Declan hails a taxi to the train station, but ends up getting into Frazer’s cab. Disbelieving of Declan’s story about meeting a friend, Frazer alerts Oliver who races to the terminal with Rebecca and Paul, only to see the train to Sydney pulling out. But they’re relieved to see a dejected Declan still sitting on the platform, unable to go through with his escape plan.

Declan pours his heart out to Rebecca, revealing that he’s scared of turning out like his dad. Rebecca reassures Declan and they return to Ramsay Street but Declan remains uneasy. Rebecca gets the idea to take him back to his childhood home to remind him that he was once a happy child, and convinces him that he’s not a bad person. With Declan convinced, Rebecca agrees to Paul’s offer and the Napiers move in.

Carmella is nervous as she prepares for her first real business meeting with Marco. Although Carmella insists their relationship is purely professional, Rosie isn’t convinced. And later, it seems she may be right when Carmella rings from Marco’s apartment and confesses she’s been won over by his charm, but maintains that her need to make a success of the business means she can’t contemplate a relationship.