Ken realises that it’s time for him to make his peace with Deirdre and move back into the marital home following the awkward situation with Denise the previous evening. Denise is mortified that she tried to kiss him and she’s relieved when he packs his bags, but he promises to stay in touch with Daniel.

Meanwhile, Deirdre has a night out with the girls and she toasts her newly single status and reveals that Ken has left her for Denise. Deirdre is stunned to see Ken when she returns home and there is an emotional stand-off, but Deirdre breaks down and tells Ken how much she’s missed him.

Seve finds it difficult to comfort a grieving Michelle as she and the Connors prepare to go to Ireland for Paul’s funeral. Steve sadly realises that there is nothing he can do to alleviate Michelle’s pain as she and her family leave for the airport.

Also, Gail insists that David sit the rest of his exams; Jerry suggests that Mel buy Granddad a pint to get him to open up about his dodgy past.