Will Denise accept Lucas’s proposal?

Denise has agreed to see Lucas later to talk about their future and she’s in a twitchy mood. Chelsea tells an irritated Denise that she and Libby want a say in the family’s future and she wants Denise and Lucas to get married, but she doesn’t want Denise to screw things up. Chelsea is bolshy when Denise asks her to pop out for some cornflour and she explodes at the girls, who are taken aback by her outburst.

Lucas turns up in his best suit and makes a final plea for Denise’s hand. Denise doesn’t trust her motives for marrying Lucas and she turns him down. Lucas reveals he has a new job in Leeds and Denise accuses Lucas of being more interested in God than his family.

Stacey tries to cheer up mum Jean on her birthday, but Jean can’t be brought out of her despondent mood. Stacey bakes her a birthday cake, but she is hurt when Jean’s birthday wish is that she’d never been born or had children. Stacey flees the house and bumps into an equally dejected Lucas. He gives Stacey a card from the church, but she throws it away.

Also, Danielle is left homeless when Stacey throws her out of the Slaters’.

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