Will Denise get a job?

Denise’s money situation is getting even more desperate as she attempts to get the job she needs.

Kush is frustrated when Denise continues to fob him off, insisting she’s busy studying and looking for a job. Despite getting her to agree to spend the evening with him, Kush then suspects she wants to revise instead, and ditches their plans to have a family meal with Carmel. Denise has a job interview and later finds herself miserable and alone, eating a budget dinner.

Madison and Alexandra talk Louise into letting them come round for a girls’ night later in the week. When Sharon agrees to let Louise have the girls over, Madison and Alexandra sneakily invite Travis to a ‘party’. Bex overhears and is concerned. Will she tell Sharon?

Ian makes a special effort for Jane’s birthday, but Jane has her own surprise for Ian that leaves the pair emotional. Meanwhile, Jack confides in Max about how tough he’s finding it in the wake of Ronnie’s death.