Will Denise leave the Square forever?

Denise packs a suitcase and takes off her engagement ring. Knowing she can’t deal with picking up the pieces after Jane’s departure, Denise makes a firm decision to leave. As Denise takes a last look at Patrick’s, he unexpectedly arrives home. Confessing her plan to him, Denise is surprised when instead of talking her out of it he books a taxi for her. As Denise leaves the Square, however, she sees a broken Ian. Feeling guilty, she returns home with a heavy heart.

Bianca is horrified when she finds out that Sonia still hasn’t told Martin about her gene test results and badgers her to tell him. As Tina sets off for a night out with Tosh, she sees an upset Sonia sitting alone in the Square. Not wanting to leave without checking on Sonia, Tina tells Tosh she’ll catch her up. Comforted by Tina, Sonia responds by kissing her!

The gang are worried about the internet trolls that have invaded Lucy’s social networking page. Lauren helps Whitney access the page so that she can stop the nasty comments. Left alone by Lauren, Whitney also deletes some private message between her and Lucy…