Will Denise take Lucas back?

Denise is gutted by Lucas’s betrayal with Trina and when Lucas begs her for another chance she turns him down. Lucas climbs up a ladder to Denise’s window and when she leans out to look he grabs her and kisses her. Denise fends him off, but she’s been won over and she later grabs Lucas and kisses him passionately. She’s stunned when she sees Trina in the house in nothing but her underwear…

Roxy leaves a message for Jack saying that Ronnie wants her to collect her clothes. Jack turns up at the Vic with Ronnie’s belongings. Roxy asks Jack what went on between them, but Jack refuses to say. Roxy suggests that Jack take Amy out for a walk to take his mind off things.

Garry and Minty discover that Phil has booked a hotel room and are intrigued about his mystery lady. Phil makes a secretive call and tells his mystery lady that they will have to cancel as Minty is sniffing about too much.

Also, Minty has a mystery appointment with Heather; Bradley asks Syd if he can move in with her; Dawn hints to Garry she wants some posh shoes for her birthday, but he’s oblivious.