Will Dennis start a new life with Gloria?

Dennis is tempted when Gloria tells him to abandon Rita and join her on a tour of Europe. Showing off to her family the new sports car that she’s bought for her tour, Gloria revs her engine ready to leave. A shocked Rita watches as Dennis heads off into the sunset with Gloria.

A guilt-ridden Marcus is devastated after sleeping with Todd and scrambles back into his clothes. He later bumps into a perplexed Eileen, who becomes suspicious when she tells Todd of her encounter with a stressed Marcus and Todd remains enigmatic. It’s now up to Marcus to explain his absence to an angry Maria.

Fiz worries that Roy still isn’t coping as he unplugs the phone and plays with his train set, cutting himself off from the outside world.

Also, Valerie calls on Anna to invite her and her family to the bistro on Monday and she refuses to take no for an answer.