Will Dennis threaten Naomi?

When Brennan learns of Dimato’s bribe, he strongly urges Naomi to go to the police. But Naomi doesn’t want to cause a drama, so faces Dimato and hands back his money. A frustrated Brennan discovers that Naomi let Dimato off the hook and appeals to Paul to talk sense into her, but Paul isn’t interested. Riled, Brennan confronts Dimato – who soon realises that Naomi has spilled the beans. Cornering Naomi later, Dimato makes it clear he’s not happy…

Chris is surprised when Lucy decides not to delay while they wait out the IVF quarantine, and instead try self-insemination. Meanwhile, Chris talks to his parents, who give him their blessing, but he still harbours concerns about the rushed timeline. Nate encourages Chris to be upfront about it with Lucy but when Chris sees how happy Lucy is, he can’t bring himself to be honest, leaving Nate concerned.

Terese discovers that if she and Brad are to use their frequent flyer points to travel to Canada, they need to fly next week. Problem is Brad needs to ask Susan. When Terese asks on his behalf, she makes things worse, leaving Susan questioning Brad’s devotion to his job.