Will Dex propose to April?

Indi tries to get Dex to consider the implications of proposing to April. While Sid outlines his concerns, but Dex shows him the engagement ring. Indi strikes a chord when she says that she married Romeo young, causing them to break up so Dex hunts down Casey. Casey reveals that he doesn’t want to scare Tamara off. Meanwhile, April discovers the engagement ring and realises what Dex has planned. Dex is forced to tell her about his bucket list and explains he’s already decided not to propose. April’s relieved, but Dex promises he’ll propose one day.

Sid and April visit Casey, wanting him to see a psychologist, but Casey just wants to feel numb. April tells him it would be a tragedy is Casey wasn’t the person Tamara fell in love with if her memory returns. Casey tries to take her advice, but soon finds himself turning to alcohol.

John and Marilyn are operating as a duo so Harvey and Roo stage an intervention. When Marilyn looks to Alf for advice, he counsels that John’s still finding his feet after Gina’s death and it’s time for Marilyn to leave.

Upset at leaving them, Marilyn looks back wistfully. Everyone is pleased when she arrives home, but Marilyn misses John.