Will Dex report Steph?

Dex likes Steph, but she is pushing boundaries, wanting to get frisky at work. Later, he’s worried when he notices Steph hasn’t done a patients’ observations correctly. Dex asks Sid what would happen, hypothetically, if a nurse fudged her observations. Sid tells Dex that he knew a nurse who was dismissed as a result. Steph is angry that he doesn’t trust her and Dex is faced with whether to come forward with the knowledge that Steph is putting patients’ lives at risk.

Ricky tells Brax that when Adam died he left a lot of loose ends with his businesses, and now people are demanding their money but she doesn’t know what the police want. Brax can’t understand why she didn’t tell him this before and she tells him that he’s her escape. In an attempt to be more open, Ricky invites him to stay at her place for the night.

Zac’s happy to find out he’s officially a teacher at Summer Bay High but is trying to clear his debts, so he and Natalie decide to get a housemate. Kyle nominates himself but Zac rejects him. Natalie thinks Zac’s jealous of her connection to the Braxton’s and challenges him to prove that he isn’t. Zac offers the room to pleased Kyle but tension soon begins to form between Zac and Natalie.