Will Diane and Tony catch Sinead?

Diane and Tony panic when they realise Katy is gone, while Sinead, Freddie and Katy are minutes away from getting on the ferry. Ste crumbles when Diane is about to call the police and tells her where they’ve gone.

Sinead and Freddie have been in custody all night after being caught by the police at the ferry terminal. Sam tells Sinead that her visiting rights to see Katy again have been revoked. Sinead’s suspicious about how Diane knew where they were, while Ste is guilty about betraying his best friend.

Sienna blackmails Maxine not to tell Patrick that she’s running away, then orders Maxine to help her get close to Peri. She has to obey if she doesn’t want Patrick knowing about her community service. When Sinead finds out Lindsey knew about their plan to run away, she immediately assumes she was the one who told Diane where they were, prompting Ste to admit the truth.

Also, Jason and Holly have sex in the garage, but the teens panic when they realise the condom split.