Will Diane fall for Val’s scam?

Val celebrates when Diane tells her she’s going to retire to the pub and sell up but she’s gobsmacked when Diane pretends she’s selling the pub to Rodney and Nicola! Diane eventually confronts Val and reveals she knows that Val was trying to set her up to sell. Mark and Maisie are both put out when they are told that the pub is no longer for sale. Diane thanks Val for keeping her on her toes and chases Val out of the pub with a soda siphon!

Victoria sneaks out to see Aaron and they’re soon kissing again. Andy gets a call from the school saying that Victoria hasn’t turned up and he and Daz find her hiding out at the garage with Aaron. Daz smacks Aaron and they launch into a fight; Aaron gets accidentally knocked out. Aaron comes round and vows revenge on Daz and Andy.

Jamie delivers Betty’s ‘special’ chutney to Home Farm for Natasha’s guests at the shoot. Nathan tastes the foul chutney and instantly spits it out. Natasha makes Jamie eat some chutney then warns him not to pull a stunt like this again. Betty owns up and Bob offers her free tea and buns in the cafe as recompense.

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