Will Diane keep Sinead’s baby?

Diane’s jolted when Sinead refers to the newborn as ‘her baby’. Sinead looks on jealously as Diane names her Katy and takes her home, while Sinead remains in hospital.

Meanwhile, Tony can’t get the thought of his operation out of his head. Darren has arranged to go with him, telling Nancy they’re going camping. They go to the hospital together, but when Tony gets a panicked call from Diane, telling him Sinead has moved out, he decides he needs to be at home. Darren tries to persuade him otherwise and is concerned when he finds out Tony has done a runner from the hospital.

Elsewhere, Sandy’s impressed when she sees the family’s garage, ‘Roscoe Motor Maintenance’ for the first time – they could be happy in Hollyoaks.

Also, Cindy and Holly turn up at the Roscoes’, Cindy wants to get to know Ziggy a little better after he came into Price Slice earlier. Everyone’s shocked when the police turn up to arrest Jason for armed robbery…