Will Diane marry Tony?

After finding out about Sinead and Tony’s affair, Diane stands at the altar faced with a life-changing decision. Will she go through with the wedding?

Jason is manically doing press ups when Rick comes into his room to give him some food. Jason pours the food into a zip lock freezer bag and continues to train. Holly finds Jason at the garage practising for his boxing match and is heartbroken that he lied about being ill. Rick tells her they’re going to donate some of the ticket money from Jason’s fight to Cindy’s hospital. Holly is delighted – but Jason is dreading going into the ring…

Elsewhere, Kim asks Lindsey whether Freddie is capable of murder. Knowing about Fraser, Lindsey hesitates and Kim realises she has to make sure he gets what he deserves, so Kim decides to retract her alibi.

Also, Cameron’s friend Shane arrives at the Lomaxes as a potential buyer for the house. Suspecting Shane is not what he seems, the girls try to put him off – but he’s not scared away easily.