Diane finds Sinead’s laptop and prepares herself for what she might find. She’s furious when she finds out the truth about her own daughter and Sinead is forced to confess when faced with the evidence. At school, Diane can’t come clean to Patrick, both hers and Sinead’s futures are on the line. She tells Sinead to pin all the blame on Ruby.

The Minniver sisters are dealt life-changing news when Maxine realises who her baby’s father is – Tyson the stripper! When Mitzeee reveals she’s late too, could they both be pregnant by the same man? The sisters buy pregnancy tests and prepare to find out the truth…

Ruby’s OK after the car accident, but the Osbornes are falling apart at the seams. The family host a charity quiz night and Ruby decides to show Esther’s video to the whole pub.

Cheryl is presented with an exciting investment opportunity when Leanne surprises her with a meeting with a business investor. But, it’s in Southport – the place where Cheryl found out her brother was a killer… She agrees to go and the girls head off to find their fortune.