Will Dodger help or hinder Maxine’s defence?

Maxine’s on trial and Dodger begs her not to give in to Patrick’s demands and plead guilty. Desperate to help Maxine, Dodger decides to take matters into his own hands… he goads Patrick into punching him and films it on his phone, which he uses as evidence when he marches into the court room at Maxine’s trial. But when the court doesn’t accept this as evidence, an angry Dodger says he wishes Maxine had finished the job!

Meanwhile, Porsche tries to talk Theresa out of giving Nico a kidney, which Nico needs after damaging hers in the train crash – she was only born with one. When Theresa worries about leaving her children without a mother and decides to pull out of the operation, Porsche delights in telling Sienna that Theresa won’t be donating her kidney. But are they wise to go up against Sienna?

And, after stealing from The Dog, will Cameron and Rick’s desperate act be discovered?