Will does the unthinkable

Will isn’t happy about Zoe’s New York trip but tells Zoe he’ll support her decision. While the students prepare for Zoe’s goodbye party, Zak is angry to discover Will snooping around Zoe’s room. Later, Will’s unimpressed when Zoe reluctantly agrees to his idea of seeing other people while she’s away, and later, with the party over and Zoe set to leave, Will does something unthinkable…

Armed with Sean Kennedy’s credit card, suspicious Clare pays Louise a visit but is disappointed when Louise is reluctant to talk. Back at The Loft, Clare finds out that Warren has gone to Spain to see his Mum. But she’s getting bored with Justin, and decides to spice things up by spending some cash…courtesy of Sean.

Meanwhile, Gilly’s date with Molly starts off well, but Gilly quickly starts to worry that Molly is getting too serious, especially when Rhys turns up, and warns him that Molly is slightly mad. Gilly starts to realise that Rhys might be right when Molly starts talking marriage and Gilly plans a quick exit.

Wayne doesn’t believe Sonny when he tells him he’s seeing Mercedes. Desperate to prove himself, Sonny pays Michaela a visit and swipes one of Mercedes’ bras, before calling Wayne to tell him he has the proof.

*Screened on TV3, Wednesday May 2*