Will Dom be reunited with Loretta?

Ste decides to cheer up a lovelorn Dom by sending Loretta a text from Dom’s phone asking to meet up. Dom is pleased when Loretta makes a surprise visit but an embarrassed Loretta leaves after realising that Dom didn’t send the text. Ste encourages an initially furious Dom to go after Loretta. Dom finds her and confesses his feelings, as does a delighted Loretta.

Warren visits Sasha when she fails to turn up to look after Spencer and she finds herself agreeing to go to the flat. Sasha persuades Spencer to let her in and convinces him that they can stay friends. Sasha is thrilled when Warren spends time at the park with them and on the way home she moves in for a kiss!

Nancy can’t resist flirting with Kris when he turns up at the flat but when Ravi arrives as well all three are flustered. Nancy decides on a night out with Sarah to take her mind off Kris, who sends a saucy text to Ravi inviting him over. Kris accidentally sends the same text to Nancy and narrowly manages to avert a disastrous meeting by putting Ravi off in time.

Also, Calvin receives his dirty money for the car theft and buys Carmel a new mobile.

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