Donna’s relief at getting away with ‘borrowing’ her dad’s car is short-lived when she learns of Nicola’s hit-and-run accident. Unable to face the possibility that she may be responsible, Donna continues to hide the truth, much to Ringo’s despair. Can he convince Donna to confess?

Steve and Miranda are enjoying a new start to their relationship, when they get word that Nicola’s car has been found abandoned. Although Steve blames himself and his ultimatum for Nicola’s disappearance, Miranda refuses to hold him responsible. Meanwhile, Nicola is found injured and unconscious, suffering from exposure and a head injury. Toadie blames Steve for her condition, and Miranda frets as her sister deteriorates.

Paul is jealous when Rebecca sets up an impromptu date with Donna’s dad Matt. He winds Matt up as he tries to get more details for a newspaper story on the accident. But Nicola’s disappearance and Rebecca’s unease about starting a new relationship lead the date to be postponed.

Also, Libby’s first day as Head of Senior School comes with several hitches, but Dan and Steph help her to keep perspective.