‘Dirty Diana: Dodgy Businesswoman Sent Packing’ is the newspaper headline that greets Declan. Preoccupied by the article, Declan is nearly hit by Paul’s reversing car. Meanwhile, Donna is struggling to keep Prue’s secret from Ringo and ends up telling him that his parents have split up.

Declan decides to focus on the wedding and calls in to collect the flowers. Ringo arrives and thanks a relieved Donna for being honest with him about his parents. Declan tells Ringo that he’s split up with Kate and that he kissed Candace at the Buck’s party. When Ringo asks if Declan organised the strippers to upset Kate, the truth about Zeke organising the party comes out. Ringo realises that Declan was too busy to bother organising his Buck’s party and the boys begin to argue, with Declan telling him to find another best man.

More problems arise when the wedding venue floods! Paul comes to the rescue, offering Lassiter’s. However, Declan promises to sort out a more romantic location and the wedding party heads off to the beautiful church out in the bush.

When Donna can’t get a cab to the church Lucas takes her in his Ute. Worried about getting oil on her dress she stands in the back, until the police pull Lucas over and tell them they’re not going anywhere.

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