Will Donna tell Marlon why she’s really back? (VIDEO)

When Donna ended up in hospital after a dizzy spell a few weeks ago, she told the doctor treating her that she already knew what was wrong with her – she’s got a rare form of cancer called Mesothelioma and it’s terminal. So when she goes for a check up this week, the nurse suggests it’s time to tell her family about her illness. When she returns to the village, a clearly troubled Donna admits to Marlon that she needs to tell him something, but as she struggles to find the right words she loses her bottle before they are interrupted by Laurel…

As the Dingles find out that two family weddings fall on the same day, Charity decides to cancel her reception because she knows her family are more likely to attend Cain’s day over hers. When Cain tries to talk her out of marrying Declan, suggesting she’s only doing it for the money, Charity is reluctant to back down. Later, feeling abandoned by her family, will Charity sign the pre-nuptial agreement that Declan has drawn up?

Andy returns to the salon to help Bernice move a few things around, but gets a big surprise when she makes a pass at him! How will he respond?