Dot has a change of heart about what to do for Nick after finding out that Roxy and Charlie slept together – and getting an earful of abuse from Roxy. Pleading with Nick to turn himself in, Dot promises she’ll help him out. Dot later visits Nick again, apologising for being harsh with him.


Lauren lets slip to a shocked Stacey that she knows what really happened to Lucy. When Stacey insists she go to the police, instead Lauren heads home to have another go at breaking into Emma’s phone. Lauren returns to Stacey’s only to realise Stacey has called in Keeble.


Jane and Ian prepare for their pre-wedding dinner, causing chaos in the kitchen. Unable to deal with the stress, Jane storms out, leaving Ian wondering whether he’s doing the right thing. After a chat with Masood, Ian transforms the formal dinner into a family and friends gathering. Jane is touched by Ian’s thoughtfulness.


Also, Stacey advises Kat to make a decision about Alfie and either forgive him or divorce him.