Brad reveals what happened with Piper to Doug and as Doug raises the subject of running Paul and Steph off the road, Brad’s shocked to discover Josh has been covering it up for months. It’s Doug who makes the heartbreaking decision to go into care. However, Josh can see Doug is struggling with the idea.

Amy asks Karl if there’s any nursing work going for Nene. Nene feels pressured to take the job, but admits to Karl she left her previous job under dubious circumstances. Karl offers to go help her attain the registration she needs to work in Victoria. In the meantime, he suggests she apply for the position at Erinsborough Hospital.

Steph ropes Mark into coming for a motorbike ride and they meet up with Jacka, an old mate of Steph’s ex-boyfriend, Woody. Steph invites Jacka and some of his mates back to the motel but Paul’s not happy to find a mob of bikers at his place. He orders them out, but Jacka’s left unimpressed with Paul’s treatment of Steph.