Will Drew take part in a drag race?

Fitzgerald drops Ric and Drew home, informing an unimpressed Dan and Alf that they were picked up at drag race and warning them against any further involvement in the scene. Later, Dom turns up with his car, and tells Drew that another driver – Denni – wants to challenge him to a drag race. Ric warns Drew not to get involved, before Drew discovers that his ex – Lisa – is Denni’s new girlfriend and seems to be encouraging Denni to make trouble for Drew.

Matilda’s preparations for her big HSC trial exam are interrupted when Emma turns up with news that she may be pregnant by Reuben’s mate Bondy. Emma’s pregnancy test turns out positive and the pair leave it in the kitchen bin before going off to school.

When Ric discovers the positive test, he jumps to the conclusion that Matilda is pregnant. Meanwhile, during the exam, when Matilda realises that distraught Emma hasn’t written anything, she swaps Emma’s exam paper for her completed paper and quickly finishes Emma’s test herself, hoping Fisher hasn’t noticed.

Matilda tells a worried Ric she cheated on the exam to help Emma, before reassuring him that she’s not the one who’s pregnant. Later at school, Matilda is dismayed when Fisher confronts her over her exam paper.

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