Will Driver accept Noakes’ apology?

Supt. Noakes tells DCI Driver that he will call the social workers and get the adoption process back on track and later tells Rob he’s been reinstated. Daniel insists that Noakes needs to take some time off, or risk serious implications as a result of his Parkinson’s, but Noakes refuses. Instead he tries to talk to Jimmi, but he’s angry and refuses to listen.

Noakes’ ex-wife Caroline arrives at his house unexpectedly; she’s down from Edinburgh for job interviews, and asks to wait at his house before she gets the train. Caroline wants to move back to the Midlands but Noakes isn’t convinced.

Zara suggests that she could be a stay-at-home mum and help Joe during the week. Daniel thinks it’s a great idea, but she then explains that she needs her job and they decide to make their weekends solely about Joe. Meanwhile, Hayden asks Ayesha on a night out.