It seems that the drug dealers of Sun Hill are like cockroaches – indestructible. No sooner has one infestation been exterminated than another starts breeding.

DC Jo Masters and DS Max Carter have been watching a new nest of dealers hatch, with Jimmy Mack as one of them. But they haven’t been watching closely enough because when they raid Jimmy’s flat the drugs are gone – and so is Jimmy’s girlfriend, Rochelle.

Still, Jo and Max have Jimmy and they’re confident he’ll lead them to the Mr Big of the whole operation. Jimmy, however, isn’t prepared to tell them anything – mainly because he’ll be killed if he does.

Luckily, then, CCTV caught Rochelle leaving Jimmy’s place with the drugs. But where is she now? Pcs Sally Armstrong and Roger Valentine find a link to former prostitute and junkie Fran Morris (played by former Casualty star Kelly Harrison). Fran admits that Rochelle has been around but is long gone.

It becomes clear that Fran’s telling the truth when Rochelle is found beaten. She’s too frightened to name her attacker but Fran knows who the Mr Big is. Against Jo’s better judgement, Max wants the frightened Fran to help the cops catch him. But what none of them realise is that the drugs boss knows where Fran is…