After the incident in Stitch’s office, Nathan’s determined to have his drug-taking consultant fired. Nathan then discovers that Stitch fabricated his employment history and warns Stitch that he’ll go to the board, risking his own reputation, if Stitch refuses to resign. When contract window cleaner Caleb has an accident and Stitch rushes to his aid, Nathan follows concerned about the hospital’s liability.

Meanwhile, the staff plan a party to mark Tess’s 20 years in nursing and Kelsey’s sure she can get Nathan to pay for it. Later, Nathan’s bid to get Stitch the sack backfires when he tells board member Barden that Stitch has resigned – and Barden persuades Stitch to stay for a pay rise. Stitch agrees not to tell Health and Safety that it was Nathan who sent Caleb up to work and Nathan agrees to pay for Tess’s party.

Josh attends a shout in a church, but freezes when he finds 60-year-old Robert with a knife in his stomach. In resus, Maggie is trying to stabilise Robert as a concerned Josh looks on. Robert whispers to Josh that he wants to die and admits that he stabbed himself in what was believed to be a fight that got out of hand. Josh leaves Robert to go and inform the police.

Later, there’s chaos in resus when Robert pulls out his tubes. Maggie, Josh and Charlie all fight to save Robert but it’s too late. Charlie finds Josh at the hospital chapel and Josh denies having frozen on the shout. Josh returns to the ambulance but freaks out when he sees the knife, as memories of his own stabbing come flooding back. Will Josh ever be able to get over that terrible incident?