Clearwater Farm – the new place that Dup has bought – is still in a mess when Danny, Olivia and Caroline return from the airport. Danny’s frustrated that Dup and Fatani haven’t done any work on it while he was away.

Meanwhile, burying Peeters is weighing heavily on Dup’s mind. Then a representative from Afrispec comes to talk to Dup and Danny, revealing that according to his information, the pair of them were some of the last to see Peeters before he went missing.

When he leaves, Dup accuses Danny of killing Peeters – something Danny denies. Dup confesses to Danny that he buried Peeters, but the pair of them decide to keep what’s happened a secret – both from their families and from the police.

Then they all hear the news that Leopard’s Den is going back on the market, after Afrispec pulled out of their work. Everyone’s eager to buy their former home, but when Danny, Dup and caroline investigate, it turns out that Leopard’s Den is part of a joint lot with Mara. The only way to move back will be to buy both reserves, but they fear that they won’t have the money to fulfil their dreams…