Will Dylan accept his marriage is dead and move on?

There’s a surprise appearance in the emergency department this week from Amanda (Connie Fisher), who Dylan and Sam saved when a cave collapsed earlier this year!

She turns up in the ED with her sick friend Helen. Amanda’s still very grateful to Dylan for saving her life and finds the courage to ask him out. He’s very embarrassed, but Sam reckons it might help him move on from their failed marriage. Dylan does meet Amanda for a drink, but when he catches sight of Sam and Tom flirting, it’s clear his mind isn’t on Amanda.

Meanwhile Sam and Tom are acting like a fully-fledged couple – but have yet to tell their colleagues or Sam’s ex!

Former Corrie favourite Steven Arnold makes a guest appearance this week as a child-like character called Spike who’s manipulated by his niece, Angel. The troubled teen needs cash to pay for some drugs and, under pressure from her tough-nut friend, Christie, asks Uncle Spike for it.

When Spike he says he won’t have any money till he’s paid at the end of the week, Angel accidentally slams the door on his fingers. This is followed by a fall down the stairs, which sends Spike straight to the ED.

Elsewhere, Linda admits to Tess she misses her niece and nephew; and Lloyd’s good mood turns sour after he inadvertently distresses a heavily pregnant patient.