Will Dylan charge Ash with murder?

When the news travels that Ash has been arrested, Phoebe feels guilty and goes to the police station with Billie. They see Kyle there and the three wait patiently for news on Ash, as Kat promises them she will do everything to prove he’s innocent. Ash provides an alibi, but Dylan doesn’t believe a word, making Kat’s job even harder.

After having words with Dylan about his vendetta against Ash, Kat receives some CCTV footage that proves he wasn’t anywhere near the crime scene when Charlotte was murdered. Dylan is forced to let Ash go, but refuses to apologise for his behaviour, and Kat tells him he’s acting more like a jealous lover than a professional detective.

Hannah is avoiding Chris and, when Andy asks her out on date, she shuts the conversation down quickly. However, she and Andy are forced to talk about their feelings when he’s taken hospital after a surfing accident. Hannah offers to drive him home and the pair end up kissing in her car…