Will Eileen steal from Owen?

Eileen’s gutted when her insurance claim is rejected due to the roof damage is down to neglect. She blames Owen, who told her the house was sound. But when Owen defends himself saying she should have paid for a full survey, Eileen despairs and begs him to do the work on the never-never, but he refuses. When Lloyd then refuses to increase her hours on the switch, a hot-headed Eileen tells him to stick his job. Back at the yard she wonders what she’ll do, but when Carla arrives to pay off the 10,000 pounds she owes she’s hit with an idea.

A delighted Anna and Eddie discover they’ve been provisionally matched with an 11-year-old girl called Faye, and will meet her next week. Meanwhile, Gary gets the physical all-clear to rejoin his unit.

Simon’s subdued and a worried Peter questions him about what’s wrong. But he’s horrified to discover Simon saw him drinking.

Also, new factory contact Frank takes a shine to Michelle, and when he insists on talking business, Michelle’s gutted to have to miss her last night with Ciaran; as Janice heads to the airport with Gaz, Chris’s mate watches her flat.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Eileen‘s wracked with guilt over what she’s done and confesses to a horrified Sean. Insisting she’ll pay the money back, she claims Owen will never notice. But later Carla tells Owen she’s given the 10 grand cheque to Eileen. Praising Eileen’s efficiency Owen starts to feel guilty about the way he treated her and decides to pay her a visit.

Following a row with Izzy, Gary heads out clubbing with David. But when they’re pulled over by the police on their way home because they match the description of two suspects, David kicks off. Gary steps in to calm him, but when they try to lead him to the van Gary lashes out, terrified of being confined.

A mortified Peter assures Simon he won’t drink again, but he hates himself as he begs him not to tell Leanne, claiming it can be their little secret. Meanwhile, when Janice arrives home later as she was too drunk to fly, she disturbs a burglar. Pushing her to the floor he makes his escape.

Also, Chris is on edge when he hears about the bungled robbery at Janice’s flat; Michelle is desperate to close her meeting with Frank as he talks about anything, but business. Will she make it back to see Ciaran before he leaves?

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