At home in Norfolk, Elaine tells Paul that she has been offered a job nearby, but also has an interview in Letherbridge. Paul dismisses the idea of moving, saying that he can’t leave his son just yet. Elaine is furious. Can’t he change anything for her? Paul then pulls some papers out of his bag; it’s an estate agent’s spec for an idyllic cottage.

Paul tells Elaine he wants to buy it for them. Elaine is thrilled and starts to daydream about the life they could have together. Suddenly, Heston calls to offer her the job. Elaine politely declines the offer, but Heston insists she think more about it. Elaine agrees to call him back the next day, but doesn’t think she’ll change her mind.

Julia is struggling to concentrate on her presentation for the Primary Care Trust (PCT) so Heston suggests asking Ruth for help. Reluctantly, Julia agrees to approach her. Heston pre-warns Ruth of Julia’s request, asking her to say yes, act surprised, and then keep an eye on Julia for him. But when Julia approaches her, Ruth nearly gives the game away by being too enthusiastic. Luckily, she just about manages to cover.

Elsewhere, Jimmi is suspicious of a young boy’s accusations of police brutality, but his suspicion turns to fear when he’s accused of injuring the boy himself.

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