Miles is in turmoil – is Elijah really in love with Leah? Elijah eventually admits as much to his friend. Miles then becomes convinced that Leah also has feelings for Elijah, but it’s soon clear Leah is none the wiser about the whole situation. Miles doesn’t get why Leah left him in the first place!

Brax is worried about Heath getting mixed up with criminal Geoffrey King and tries to persuade him to start a new life with them, but Heath’s not interested. When John sees Heath selling drugs to schoolkids, he urges Charlie to look beyond her romance with Brax and do her job. Rattled by this criticism, she seeks Heath out and finds drugs on him.

Mink has left town without paying Romeo back the $2,000 he secretly lent her. He tries to cover it up from Indi by taking an extra job at the Surf Club. But the money isn’t great, so when he’s approached by Peter, a guy claiming to need information about the Resort in order to apply for a sub-contractor position, Romeo agrees to help him.

Sid has the house to himself and invites Roo over for a romantic dinner. When the lights go out, they share a passionate kiss in the dark.