Leah is confused as to why Elijah wants to postpone their wedding. Elijah and Leah talk back and forth with the reasons why Elijah needs to go and the reasons why Leah needs him to stay.

Then suddenly, the couple are thrown a curveball that puts them under even more pressure – there’s been an earthquake in West Danmar. This is exactly the type of disaster Elijah would drop everything and run towards.

Tony is trying to get his head around Rachel’s new overseas job offer from Daniel. Daniel points out that Rachel is the most qualified for the job and Rachel is completely flattered. However, she reels off a list of reasons why she can’t leave and Daniel assures her that everything she has in the Bay, she can have by living overseas too.

Penn suddenly turns up in hospital with serious cuts to his hand. When Sid asks what happened, Penn claims he lost consciousness and can’t remember. But things turn weirder when Nicole comes to pick up Penn from the hospital and Penn lies, telling her that Sid has a crush on her.

All of it is far from the truth and Sid denies it… but Nicole is tense and doesn’t know what to believe.

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