Elliot learns the truth about Kevin the alien’s background, but is unsure how to tackle it as he and Tom help complete the beacon. When Brendan cuts off their electricity supply, Elliot tries to get Kevin to admit who he really is.

Amy threatens to tell the world that Brendan is beating Ste up, unless Ste ends the relationship today. Brendan cleverly twists the situation to make Ste believe that he cares about him. With Ste back on side, Brendan frightens Amy with a pointed message about staying out of his business.

When Fern refuses to give Jasmine her bloody boy clothes back, Anita comes up with a bright idea. Jasmine sneaks out of class to search Fern’s locker but is caught red-handed. Anita saves the day by threatening to lie to the police that she witnessed Fern stab Bart.

Also; Steph slyly organises for Lee and Amy to spend the day together, in a bid to match-make them. While an oblivious Leanne shops for wedding dresses, Amy and Lee are left planning Steph’s film, but the conversation soon turns to their relationship. As Amy plucks up the courage to question Lee’s true feelings for her, they’re interrupted by a furious Leanne.

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