Emma’s still unhappy with the idea of Chris moving to Australia and, trying her best not to let on, she tells Mandy she’s already planning on downsizing. Later, Karen overhears Emma talking to an estate agent and realises she’d be kicked out if Emma sold up but Emma say’s she won’t evict her out without good warning. As she considers her property options, it’s clear Emma’s still uncomfortable with Chris’s move despite her protests to the contrary.

The papers have got hold of the breastfeeding story and it’s terrible publicity for The Mill as Howard’s been made out to be both a bigot and a pervert. Calling an emergency partners meeting, Howard insists they need to counteract the negative publicity by proving the practice’s support of breastfeeding and wants them to spearhead a campaign. Jimmi and Daniel, not wanting the responsibility, decide that the absent Zara would be the best person for the job.

Meanwhile, having read the article, a disgusted Zara tells Howard that the practice must do something to support and educate mothers locally. Expecting him to resist, Howard surprises her by agreeing wholeheartedly and charging her with heading up the campaign. Zara realises she’s just taken on lots of extra work!

Also, The Mill is on high alert when a deadly spider is on the loose.