Max runs into Emma and Keeble in the Square. Discovering that Keeble and Max know each other, Emma is rattled, telling Max she could lose her job if their affair comes out. Deciding to protect her career over her love-life, Emma tells Max they can’t see each other until after Lucy’s murder investigation is finished, disappointing Max. Later, Max makes an anonymous phone call to the police station, outing the relationship!

Linda is still withdrawn, worrying the family, although they have no idea why she’s behaving so out of character. Nancy decides to cheer up Linda by preparing a meal and arranging to watch a movie together. When Nancy later goes down to the bar, Linda follows, too nervous to be on her own. Downstairs, Dean makes it clear to Linda he thinks she enjoyed the other night… Linda runs upstairs, sobbing.

Charlie takes Ronnie a gift from Dot, offering to take her to the scan. At the clinic, Ronnie feels nervous, asking Charlie if he can go in with her. The parents-to-be are in awe of the scan, as they learn they’re having a boy. Dot is hopeful that Charlie’s attendance is the first step in him and Ronnie getting back together.

Also, Ian makes a shocking discovery.