Heather is unhappy with an apologetic Jimmi after he kept his two failed marriages from her and wants to rent a room from Emma. Jimmi talks to Emma who points out how Heather must be scared by how quickly things are moving in their relationship, and agrees to take her in.

Izzie asks a sympathetic Ayesha to get some drugs from the surgery. Ayesha gives her a bag full of prescription medication, which is in fact empty, but then watches as Izzie hands the bag over to Ngozi. Ayesha confronts Ngozi but when she realises Ngozi is working for Izzie, she finally gives up on her old friend.

Mrs Tembe calls Barry to do a review of the surgery security system. While doing his checks he finds what he thinks is be a live grenade in a box given to Heston from a patient and calls in a bomb scare. The surgery is evacuated, the police are called in, and Rob finds that the grenade is in fact just a novelty lighter.