Ethan and Theresa decide not to keep anymore secrets and know it’s time they told Liberty everything. The two-timing policeman heads off to find Liberty to tell her about him and Theresa but he’s stumped when Liberty asks him to keep away from her former best friend. But he’s in love and isn’t sure if he can bring himself to do as she asks.

Meanwhile, in a bid to cheer his sister up, Dodger gets Liberty a gig at Chez Chez and declares war on Ethan.

Sinead’s patience wears thin when Bart rocks up mid-afternoon with Maddie and Jonno, having been out all night. She uses the opportunity to get Bart to the beach but Maddie follows and as the three of them drink, Bart and Maddie start to reminisce. Sinead’s jealousy lands her in deep water.

Also, the weight of worrying about Leanne is affecting Amy’s work and she keeps getting into trouble with Pete. Determined to make Amy’s life hell, Leanne pays Bart £20 to act up for Amy in front of Pete, making her look incapable of managing her students. When Leanne sends Amy a text asking if she had a good day at work, Amy knows that Leanne is responsible for Bart’s behaviour but when she shares her concerns with Lee, Jamil and Pete, they worry about her mental state.

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