It’s a big step for Leanne but she buys a birthday card for Stella and heads to the pub to meet her. Stella’s out, so Eva promises to pass the card on, but instead throws it in the bin. Stella’s gutted that she hasn’t heard from Leane, convinced she wants nothing to do with her.

As Chris prepares for the consultant he rejects Maria‘s plea to get back together, claiming he has to deal with this on his own and can’t put her through the ordeal. At the hospital Cheryl is by his side as he learns his fate. But finding them together back at the house Lloyd jumps to conclusions and accuses Cheryl of seeing her ex. She is furious and tells him about Chris’s condition.

When Audrey arrives and discovers the chaos Kylie has caused she wonders if she ever should have trusted David with the business. She reads the riot act and reminds them both who is in charge

Also, Julie’s date with Brian is a disaster.