Will Evelyn allow Denny to leave the Bay?

Zac feels dreadful about making Denny feel unwelcome, but Evie maintains that they still don’t know if Denny really is their sister. After talking to Leah, Evie realises she may have misplaced anger toward her father which she’s directing towards Denny. Meanwhile, Oscar’s sad that Denny’s leaving the Bay. Before she leaves, however, Evie tracks her down and reveals her anger was for their Dad, not her. Denny wonders if she should stay, and Evie decides she could live with that.

When Matt heckles as Sasha prepares to give her speech to the student body, Tamara jumps to her defence and unwittingly sells herself as a good candidate for School Captain. Matt leads a chant ‘we want Tamara’, as an embarrassed Sasha seethes. Tamara betrayed her! When Tamara tries to explain, Sasha’s not interested and wound up, Tamara gets annoyed – fine! Game on!

John walks Marilyn home, enjoying a romantic moment until Roo interrupts, asking John to talk to Harvey for her. Uninterested in getting in the middle of their argument, John ducks out. Roo feels bad, and goes to speak to Harvey herself. He needs to sort things with Spencer now, and get out of their lives.