Seeing how nervous Evelyn is about her party date with Spencer, Denny offers to come along for support, hijacking Chris’s plans to spend the night alone with her. But when they see Evelyn having fun with Spencer, Chris steals Denny away to the Diner. When Evelyn sees Sasha, she blames her for making Oscar’s situation worse with the article. Matt’s reality check humiliates Evelyn and back at the farm, Evelyn thanks Spencer for his support, and they kiss.

Alf asks Josh why he doesn’t want to go to Maddy’s party, forcing Josh to reveal that he’s embarrassed study isn’t easy for him. Alf convinces Josh to tell her the truth until Matt tells him that Maddy doesn’t want a lame bookworm for a boyfriend. Disappointed that Josh hasn’t shown up, Maddy goes home, and is surprised to find him at her door. She apologises, but Josh still can’t find the courage to come clean.

Sasha agrees to go to Maddy’s party with Matt but when Evelyn confronts Sasha about her article on Oscar, Matt defends Sasha. Sasha’s furious with him, but Matt’s confused – he was just sticking up for her.

Also, John orders Jett to work at Maddy’s party for free. Unable to stand how unfair John’s being, Jett quits and heads home, he’s not scared of John anymore.