Seeing how upset Josh is about his rift with Andy, Evelyn organises a family barbeque for Casey and Denny to take his mind off things. When Evelyn sees how affectionate Casey and Denny are to one another, she realises she may not be ready to take the next step.

Ricky and Sophie plan a double date with their spouses; however, a double would mean that Brax and Nate would have to turn up. Nate is reluctant and Brax is against the idea completely. When Ricky turns up at Angelo’s with Nate and Sophie she forces Brax into a corner, as he’ll be working. However, Brax labels Ricky a hypocrite for sharing their problems with Nate and Sophie.

When Spencer tells Maddy that Oscar is down in the dumps, she decides to cheer him up. The pair spend the day watching movies, which leads Oscar to ask Maddy if they could ever be more than friends?