Will Evelyn’s secret crush be exposed?

When Ms. Taylor sets an assignment for a self-portrait, Josh and Evelyn decide to swap assignments. However, the pair must balance the project and their feelings for one another. Evelyn decides to confess to Hannah that she has feelings for Josh, while Josh decides to spend less time with Maddie. Later, in art class Maddie is unable to explain her self-portrait and like a true knight in shining amour, Josh steps in and saves her. Impressed with his heroic performance Evelyn falls deeper for him and the pair speak after class, but ex-flame Spencer overhears their conversation, leading to a confrontation between him and Evelyn.

Sophie takes her first art class with the Years 11s and manages to win them over with her unconventional teaching methods. Still on a high from a successful lesson, she offers to help Zac with his marking after school. As the pair stay late, a spark develops between them, prompting Sophie to suggest they get a takeaway and a bottle of wine.

When Zac hesitates Sophie realises there’s something not right with her suggestion of alcohol. The next morning, Hannah hears about the pair’s evening together, will it be a case of the green-eyed monster?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Brax is missing his brothers and organises a family meeting – but is there something else on his mind?