Will falls as the building collapses

Will strains his eyes to take in the chaos that surrounds him. The floor creaks precariously inside the building and collapses, taking Dodger, Will and Ash with it and crushing everyone underneath. As the emergency services clear the scene, two dead bodies are retrieved from the rubble, leaving heartbroken loved ones behind.

Danny feels sick to the stomach when Sam tells him about the explosion. He musters up the courage to ask about fatalities and goes stone cold when she tells him they’re still pulling bodies out. He frantically runs to the scene and sees a devastated Patrick and Dirk, could their sons be dead too? Meanwhile, one resident is happy when their loved one is carried, alive from the destruction and taken to hospital.

As the dust settles, the Savages pull together as they try to deal with their grief. Everyone is stunned when paramedics uncover another body in the rubble… 

And Cindy and Lindsey find themselves bonded by a dark secret.